New tool that allows you view and modify the settings of your monitor

ControlMyMonitor is a new tool that allows you view and modify the settings of your monitor (Also known as ‘VCP Features’), like brightness, contrast, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, and more… You can modify the monitor settings from the GUI and from command-line. You can also export all settings of your monitor into a configuration file and then later load the same configuration back into your monitor.


You can download this new tool from this Web page.


  1. OskarMaria says:


  2. Alpha says:

    Hi Nir
    Your freewares are splendid, R. Stallman would be proud, thank you for your work. What do you think about intel ordeal lately.

  3. ZEE says:

    Hi Nir…

    one more excelent utility (as always)

    One thing I miss is a forum where your software users can:
    1. Help each other / Discuss the tools
    3. …

    Please try to implement this…
    Some of use just dont know how to work without a community ( 😉 )

  4. Simon Jackson says:

    This is a great tool.
    Can you export the display configuration as users logon (say logon script)? and save changes to after each time the script is run? Example: IT save the screen settings as perfectly usable; staff member changes it and then complains, IT can then simply open the last saved config to get it back to the previous state.

    Additionally; have you seen this product?

    Wonder if you can utilise some of the logic here.

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for the awesome tool 🙂 Any chance you can add the screen resolution? 🙂

  6. alireza says:

    very useful tool. thanks.
    controlling monitor without even touching hardware keys with wireless mouse and keyboard is easier for gamers like me. also low quality keys won’t break down in short time.

  7. huh says:

    Hi, I am getting an error with this program: error 0xc0262582
    An error occurred while transferring data to the device on the I2C bus. Can something be done about it? My OS is Win7.

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