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TCPConnectProblemView is a new tool for Windows that monitors the TCP connections on your system and displays an alert when a software tries to initiate a TCP connection and there is no response from the server.
When a problem with a TCP connection is detected , TCPConnectProblemView adds a new entry with the following information: Process Name, Process ID, Detected On (date/time), Local Port, Local IP, Remote Port, Remote IP, Remote Host.

TCPConnectProblemView also allows you to automatically close any IPv4 TCP socket with no response from the server, in order to decrease the time you wait for any software to display an error message.  Also, if a software stopped responding because a remote server is down, activating this automatic close feature may return the software back to life.

TCP connections problems Viewer

You can download the new TCPConnectProblemView tool from this Web page.

USBDriveLog is a new tool for Windows 10 that displays the history of USB drives plugged to your computer.
For every USB drive plugged to your computer, the following information is displayed: Device Model, Revision, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Plug Time, Unplug Time, Device ID, Device Capacity, File System, Disk Number.

USBDriveLog allows you to retrieve the information from your local computer, from remote computer on your network, and from external hard drive.

USB Drive Log

You can download the USBDriveLog tool from this Web page.