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SoundVolumeCommandLine (svcl.exe) is a new console application that allows you to do many actions related to sound volume from command-line, including – set sound volume of devices and applications, mute / unmute devices and applications, increase/decrease volume of devices and applications, set the volume level of specific channel, set the default render/capture device, get the current sound volume level of specific device, and more…

svcl.exe is the console version of the SoundVolumeView tool, so you can use all commands of SoundVolumeView in svcl.exe, with exactly the same syntax.

Sound Volume Command Line Tool
This tool is released because when running .exe with command-line options – a console application has some advantages over a GUI application.
For example: If you want to get the current volume level (e.g: /GetPercent command), the console application is much easier to use then the GUI tool.

You can download the new SoundVolumeCommandLine tool from this Web page.

IPNeighborsView is a new tool that displays the IP neighbor table of your local computer. For every IP neighbor entry, the following information is displayed:  IP Address, MAC Address, MAC Address Company, State, State Time, Local Adapter Name, Local Connection Name.
In the IP neighbor table, you can find the details of computers and devices recently connected to your network. Be aware that devices are listed only if Windows operating system detected them.
This tool works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows Vista and up to Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

IP Neighbor Table Viewer
You can download the new IPNeighborsView tool from this Web page.