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  • SeqDownload and IEHistoryView: These 2 old utilities still used the Registry to save their settings. Now They save their seetings into a .cfg file, like all the other tools.
  • IECookiesView: Added more accelerator keys.
  • MozillaCacheView and IECacheView: Added new option in ‘Copy Selected Files’ – Update the modified time of the copied files according to modified time in the Web server.
  • DLL Export Viewer: New option – Show found items during the scan process.
  • Clipboardic: New utility that listen to the clipboard activity, and each time that you copy something into the clipboard, it automatically save the copied data into Windows clipboard file (.clp). Later, when you need the copied data again, you can simply select the right clipboard file, and Clipboardic will automatically insert it into the clipboard.
    Clipboardic also allows you to easily share the clipboard data between multiple computers on your local network.

The password recovery package page now contains a new package with full install/uninstall support. When you run the installer, it automatically copies all files into the installation folder that you select, and creates a start menu folder with shortcuts to the all installed utilities and help files.
The uninstaller removes all files, including the configuration files (.cfg) of each utility.

You can download the new package from here.

For very long time, I receive reports from people which says that my NK2View utility
doesn’t show all NK2 records stored in the file. some others reported that NK2View fails to add new items into the file.
Until now, I couldn’t figure out exactly what is wrong.
A few days ago, I received a sample .NK2 file that reproduces both of these problems.
I looked into this file, and I found out that one of the records contains a special multi-values binary field that I have never encountered before. NK2view couldn’t parse this kind of field, and thus the parsing process of the rest of the file was failed too.
Also, I found out that this file contained a sequence of “dead” records (old records that Outlook doesn’t use anymore) in the end of the file, and these records caused NK2view to add new records improperly, and thus both Outlook and my NK2View tool failed to read these new records.

After what I found, I made a serious of changes that fixed both of these problems.
If you used NK2View in the past and you had one of the mentioned problems,
you can try to download the new version of NK2View and see if it solves your problems too.

  • OutlookAttachView: Fixed bug that caused OutlookAttachView to fail on scanning sub-folders under main Outlook folders.
    Also added ‘Folder Path’ column that displays the full path of the folder (For example: Personal Folders\Inbox\Bug Reports)
  • WhoisThisDomain and WhoisCL: Added/Updated the whois servers for .in, .ie, .me, .tel, and domains.
  • AlternateStreamView and ResourcesExtract: Added support for choosing SubFolders depth in scanning.
  • Volumouse: Fixed bug – Windows key settings were not saved when you exit from Volumouse.
  • WirelessKeyView: Fixed bug – In Vista, if WPA-PSK key contained 32 characters, the key was not displayed in Ascii form.
  • SearchMyFiles:
    • Fixed bug: Base folder combo-box limited the number of characters that you could type.
    • Added option to save/load all search option to .cfg file.
    • Added ‘Explorer Copy’ option – Allows you to copy the selected files and then paste them inside a folder of Windows Explorer.
    • Added ‘Open With’ option.
    • Added option to choose the subfolders depth to scan.

If you use Microsoft Outlook regularly, you probably have many attached files scattered in your mailbox. Some of these attachments were sent by you to other people, some of them were sent by others to your inbox.

But what should you do you if you want to easily extract all these attached files and save them into one folder ?
My new OutlookAttachView utility can help you do that. It displays the list of attached files in your Outlook’s mailbox, and allows you to easily select all attachments that you need, and then extract them into a folder that you choose.

For more information about OutlookAttachView, click here.

RegDllView, InstalledCodec, IECacheView: Added ‘Explorer Copy’ option – Allows you to copy the selected files and then paste them into a folder in Explorer.

FileTypesMan: Added support for creating and deleting file extensions.

WirelessKeyView: New and safer method to extract the wireless keys of the local machine: In previous versions, WirelessKeyView injected code into lsass.exe in order to grab the wireless keys from the system. In rare cases, this technique caused a crash inside lsass.exe process. Starting from this version, WirelessKeyView uses a new method that extract the wireless keys without any code injection.

  • Volumouse: Added support for Windows key (in separated check-box) when using hot keys instead of wheel mouse.
  • NK2View: Added support for backup/restore options. The backup is made in the same folder of the NK2 file, with .BAK extension.
  • VideoCacheView: Added support for .SWF files (By default, this option is not enabled, because the cache may contains a lots of .SWF files, most of them are advertising)