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The new version of ShellBagsView tool (1.25) allows you to easily set the view mode (Tiles, Details, Content, List, Small Icons, Medium Icons, Large Icons) of multiple Windows Explorer folders at once.
In order to change the view mode, simply select the desired folders on the main window of ShellBagsView and then go to the ‘Set Mode’ menu (Under the File menu or in the context menu) and choose the desired view mode.
In the example below,  the 12 selected folders are set to ‘Medium Icons’ view mode.

Set Explorer folder medium icons

After choosing the desired mode from the Set Mode menu , ShellBagsView tool changes the view mode in all selected folders and then when you open one of these folders in Windows Explorer, it will be displayed in the view mode you selected:

Windows Explorer Folder Medium Icons

You can download the new version of ShellBagsView  from this Web page.

The new version of ChromeCacheView tool has a preview pane that allows you to instantly view the content of images (.png, .gif, .jpg) and text-based files (.html, .xml, JSON, Javascript) stored in the cache of Chrome Web browser, or any other Chromium based web browser, like Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, and so on…

In order to activate the new preview pane, simply choose the ‘Show Preview Pane’ option from the view menu or press the F8 key. After the preview pane is enabled, you can select the desired cache item in the upper pane and ChromeCacheView  will display the content of the cache item in the lower preview pane.

Chrome Cache HTML Preview

You can download the new version of ChromeCacheView  from this Web page.