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WinMailPassRec is a new tool for Windows 10 and Windows 11 that displays the details of all Exchange/POP3/IMAP/SMTP accounts stored in the mail application of Windows operating system.
For every account, the following information is displayed: Account Name, Mailbox Type, Email, Mail Server, User Name, Password, Outgoing Server, Outgoing Server Password, Account Creation Time, Last Used Time, Last Sync Attempt Time, Last Sync Success Time.

Windows Mail Password Viewer

You can extract the passwords and account information of Windows Mail App from your current user, or from external disk plugged to your computer.
After WinMailPassRec decrypts and extracts your passwords and accounts information, you can easily export them to comma-delimited/Tab-Delimited/HTML/XML/JSON file.

You can download the new WinMailPassRec tool from this Web page.