Archive for October, 2010

The following new commands were added to the new version (2.45) of NirCmd. You can download the latest version of NirCmd from this Web page.

  1. trayballoon: Allows you to easily displays a balloon with the desired text, title, and icon in the system tray of Windows.
    Example of using this command:
    nircmd.exe trayballoon “Hello” “This is the text that will be appear inside the balloon !” “shell32.dll,-154” 10000
  2. sendkeypress: This command is a new alternative for the sendkey command. sendkeypress is much easier to use if you want to send multiple key press combinations.
    Example of using this command:
    nircmd.exe sendkeypress ctrl+shift+esc alt+tab
    (This command will send ctrl+shift+esc keys combination and then alt+tab keys combination)
  3. clonefiletime: This command simply clones the file date/time information into one or more files.
  4. setconsolemode – Set the console mode (only for nircmdc.exe) – full screen mode or console window mode.
  5. setconsolecolor – Allows you to set the foreground and background color of the console window text.
  6. consolewrite – Simply write text into the stdout.
  7. debugwrite – Write text into the debug output.