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  • SysExporter: Added support for drag And drop feature – Allows you to easily locate the desired window simply by dragging the target icon from the SysExporter toolbar into the window that you need to grab the data.
  • RegScanner: New option: Show found items during the scan process
  • Mail PassView: Added support for Windows Live Mail.
  • PasswordFox: Added new option in ‘Select Folders’ dialog-box: Remember the folder settings in the next time that you use PasswordFox.
  • Dialupass: Dialupass now also locate the phonebook file even when the ‘Application Data’ folder is in non-english language.
  • CurrPorts:
    • Added new column: Window Title (The window title of the process)
    • Added ‘Cleal All Filters’ option.
    • Added ‘Include Selected Processes In Filters’ option. Allows you to easily filter by selected processes.

In the last few days, I received a lots of emails with “IKEA’s New Planning Software” in the subject:

This email offers a new Home Planner software from IKEA , and ask the user to follow the instructions in the attached zip file. But the attached file contains a Virus that probably continues to spread this “New Planning Software” message to more and more users.

The email looks like this one:

Subject: IKEA’s New Planning Software
From: “”
Attachment: (347KB)

IKEA has a Fantastic new FREE tool for home decorating.
Introducing our Home Planner software which allows you to plan your home in a 3D environment.
Simply follow the instructions in the attachment and start planning your dream home today.

I just tested a few of my utilities on Windows 7 Beta.

The test included IE PassView, IECacheView, Network Password Recovery, SysExporter, RegScanner, Dialupass, CurrPorts, DriverView, LSASecretsView, and more.
It seems that all tested utilities work fine under Windows 7, as you can see in the following screenshot:


  • Added new options: ‘Save Config’ and ‘Load Config’
  • Added new command-line option: /LoadConfig – Start SiteShoter with the specified config file.
  • Added new command-line option: /RunConfig – Take a screenshot according to the specified config file, without displaying any UI.


  • Added new options: ‘Save Config’ and ‘Load Config’
  • Added new command-line option: /LoadConfig – Start ResourcesExtract with the specified config file.
  • Added new command-line option: /RunConfig – Extract resources according to the specified config file, without user interface.


  • Added new option: ‘Create .Reg File For Deleting Entries’ – Allows you to create a .reg file that will remove all entries of the selected registered files when you run it. This option can be useful if you want to clean the same registered files in multiple machines.
  • Added more accelerator keys.
  • Fixed the focus problem after using the unregister/delete options.


  • Dialupass completely rewritten, and the new version contains all the current NirSoft standards, including the ability to translate to other languages.
  • Added support for recovering dialup passwords from external instance of Windows 2000/XP/2003. This feature can be useful if you have a dead operating system that cannot boot anymore.
  • Added support for setting dialup user/password from command-line (/setpass)


  • New commands: waitprocess, setprocesspriority, qboxtop, qboxcomtop.
  • New action in clipboard command: copyimage (Copy image file to the clipboard)


  • New option: Bring process to front.
  • Added more accelerator keys.

Since I started to collect general statistics about Web browser usage of, 4 years ago, there was a gradual increase in usage of Firefox, while the usage of Internet Explorer gradually decreased.
According to statistics of the last month (December 2008), 29.2% of visitors use Firefox as thier Web browser, while 55.8% of visitors use Internet Explorer.

For more statistics, click here.