Troubles caused by false positives of McAfee

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the troubles I have from all these false virus alerts generated by Antivirus programs.
So here’s 2 more examples of serious troubles that McAfee false positives caused to other companies:

  1. McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide When AV attacks:
    In this event, that occurred only 10 days ago, McAfee Antivirus “attacked” some system files that were falsely detected as Trojan, and caused
    these computers to crash with blue screen of death.
  2. Companies Struggle To Reverse McAfee’s False Positives On Yahoo Search:
    Around a year ago, Yahoo started a partnership with McAfee’s SiteAdvisor, causing some Web sites to be displayed with false red alerts on Yahoo search results.

…And finally, just a good word for McAfee SiteAdvisor: Although they have some false alerts problems like mentioned in the second article, at least they also show a good willingness to fix these kind of problems. 3 years ago, their SiteAdvisor was displayed a red alert on my Web site, but after I added my remark as the author of NirSoft, they checked my Web site and decided to turn it from red to green.
As opposed to SiteAdvisor, the Antivirus of McAfee is a troublemaker like all the others, and continue to detect my utilities as “potentially unwanted program” or “Generic PUP”.

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