Easily save flash videos currently opened in your Web browser

The new version of VideoCacheView now allows you to easily save all flash videos currently opened in your Web browser, even without displaying any user interface. You can use this feature with most popular video sharing Web sites, like YouTube, iFilm, Metacafe, and so on.

Simply run VideoCacheView with /copyalltemp as command-line parameter and specify the destination folder to save the .flv files, for example:

VideoCacheView.exe /copyalltemp “c:\my video files”

You can also use /copyalltemp parameter without specifying the destination folder:

VideoCacheView.exe /copyalltemp

In this case, VideoCacheView will ask you to select the desired folder to save the flash video files:

If you download and install VideoCacheView with full installation support (VideoCacheView_setup.exe), the “Save All Opened Flash Videos” shortcut is automatically created in programs group of VideoCacheView.
Clicking this shortcut allows you to select the desired destination folder, and then all currently
opened flash videos are saved into the folder that you selected.

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