Alternative to “Search For Files And Folders” of Windows.

Windows XP provides a basic search module (“Search For Files And Folders”) that can be useful in many cases.
However, this search module also has some restrictions and disadvantages:

  • When searching a phrase inside a file, Windows search may not scan all file types, depending on your current service pack, settings in the Registry, and so on. (See KB309173)
  • When searching by modified/created date of the file, it only allows you to search by whole days range. It means that you cannot, for example, find all files created yesterday between 11:27 and 11:35
  • When searching by file size, it only allows you to specify the size in full KB. It means that you cannot make search by file size in accuracy of bytes. For example: you cannot search files with file size between 252 and 527 bytes.
  • It doesn’t allow you to search by file attributes (For example: search only hidden and read only files)
  • Windows search has an annoying animated puppy that doesn’t do anything useful 🙂

If you feel frustrated from the above Windows search problems,
you are welcomed to try my new SearchMyFiles utility.

SearchMyFiles is an alternative to the standard “Search For Files And Folders” module of Windows. It allows you to easily search files in your system by wildcard, by last modified/created/last accessed time, by file attributes, by file content (text or binary search), and by the file size. SearchMyFiles allows you to make a very accurate search that cannot be done with Windows search. For Example: You can search all files created in the last 10 minutes with size between 500 and 700 bytes.

You can find the download page of SearchMyFiles here.


  1. Zupo Llask says:

    Great utility… as usual! Thanks.

    May I suggest a new feature for RunAsDate? 🙂

    Please add an option to revert the defined date/time back to current date/time nnn seconds after the application has been run. It would fix lots of problems with no longer mantained applications checking for hardcoded date/time once (when loading) but regularly checking current date/time to handle queues.

  2. victorh says:

    nice utility! I would like to add a suggestion.

    sometimes I have to search some file on a network drive; its folder structure is very deep and complicated, however most of the times the file I look for is on the first folder levels. however the search takes ages to complete because the search program (not yours particularly) hunts the file until the very last subfolder.

    so, it would be nice to implement some kind of a maximum folder deep feature. I’ve tried to search a search program (ironic, isn’t it?) with such feature, with no success.

    again, kudos for this application.

  3. Marco says:

    Beautiful idea! I always hated Windows not giving me the chance to search for a file which size is known.

  4. someman says:

    Use this version of Windows 7 Windows 7 Build download. I have tried it

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