Cache viewer for Chrome Web browser

While looking into the cache folder of Google Chrome Web browser, I found out that the file structure inside this folder looks a little familiar.
Similar to the cache of Mozilla/Firefox browsers, it has 3 data files, numbered from 1 to 3, when file number 1 is the smallest file, and the largest file is file number 3. It also has a cache map file, which numbered as ‘0’, and other files with hexadecimal numbers which contains the binary content of some cached files.

Here’s an example for the file structure in the cache folder of Chrome:

And here’s the cache folder of Firefox:

After looking more deeply into the cache folder of Chrome, I found out that the internal structures of the cache files are a little different from the structures of Firefox, but it still was very easy to figure out how to read these files, and you can see the result in my new ChromeCacheView utility.

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