Run a program on remote computer with the AdvancedRun tool

The new version of AdvancedRun tool allows you to easily run a program on a remote computer.
In order to use this feature, you must have full admin access to the remote machine, including admin share (For example: \\\admin$ )

This feature is quite similar to the psexec tool of Sysinternals/Microsoft.  AdvancedRun first copies itself to the admin share on the remote computer, and then a temporary service is installed and started on the remote machine.
The temporary service on the remote machine runs the program according to the configuration you chose, and then AdvancedRun uninstalls the temporary service and deletes the .exe file of AdvancedRun tool from the admin share.

In order to use this new feature, simply select the ‘Run on remote computer with temporary Windows service’ check-box and type the name or IP address of the remote computer.
If you don’t specify a computer name, AdvancedRun will execute the specified program from a temporary service on your local system, although there is no any benefit from it.

Run Software Remotely Example
It’s also possible to execute a program remotely from command-line.
For example, the following command will run RegEdit as non-admin user (without elevation) on a remote computer (
AdvancedRun.exe /EXEFilename “%windir%\regedit.exe” /RunAs 2 /RunFromService 1 /ComputerName /Run

Be aware that if the remote computer is 32-bit, you have the use the 32-bit version of AdvancedRun.

You can download the new version of the AdvancedRun tool from this Web page.


  1. TStoner says:

    Amazing Tool now i can run aynthing with TrustedInstaller !!!

    Keep up the good work !

    Thx !!

  2. Tony4219 says:

    I did not realize AdvancedRun could do that!!

    I haven’t tried it yet, but recently pondered having AnyDesk run from StartUp group on each (small, no Active Directory here) network machine for remote control, which is really unsafe, especially when I only need to do this periodically.

    Thank you again, Nirsoft.

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