Create QR Code on Windows

SimpleCodeGenerator is a new tool for Windows that allows you to easily create QR Code for scanning with QR Code reader App on your Smartphone.
You can display the QR Code on the screen, copy it to the clipboard and then paste it to another program (as image), or save it image file – .png , .gif , .jpg , .tiff, or .bmp
SimpleCodeGenerator also allows you to generate QR Code from command-line and save it as image file ( .png , .gif , .jpg , .tiff, or .bmp) without displaying any user interface.

Windows QR Code Generator
Like other NirSoft tools, SimpleCodeGenerator is a standalone .exe file that you can run on any system (From Windows XP and up to Windows 10) without installing anything.

You can download this new tool from this Web page.


  1. Michael Smith says:

    This is so cool of you. Thanks for everything you do.

  2. Danielle Johnson says:

    Thank you. This is a great tool to easily distribute information to my customers about phone plans and services. I’m going to tag you in the small print of any fliers I use if that is okay.

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