Run a program as TrustedInstaller with AdvancedRun tool

Starting from version 1.20 of AdvancedRun tool, you can easily run a program as TrustedInstaller. In order to do it, simply select ‘TrustedInstaller’ in the ‘Run As’ Combo-Box and then press the Run button.
You can also run a program as TrustedInstaller from command-line, by specifying /RunAs 8 in the run command. For example, the following command will execute RegEdit of Windows as  TrustedInstaller:

AdvancedRun.exe /EXEFilename “c:\windows\regedit.exe” /RunAs 8 /Run

Run a program as TrustedInstaller

You can download the new version of AdvancedRun tool from this Web page.


  1. Fran (fravelgue) says:

    Thank you very much. You rock!

  2. Lloser says:

    Thank you for the quick implementation of my request to run as “Trusted Installer”! You are a true hero!

  3. Spiral says:

    This is a super tool, thank you for this and for all your work – so powerful and understated.

  4. Esa says:

    I try to run PowerShell as TrustedInstaller but when I run ‘whoami’ it says ‘nt authority\system’
    Windows version is 17763.1577

  5. GuyVdP says:

    I needed a tool to get rid of all exces files in an image; always got the ‘access denied’ msg.
    AdvancedRun did the job – you made my day !!

  6. Bill says:

    I’ve run cmd.exe and PowerShell.exe as TrustedInstaller. When I run ‘whoami’ it says ‘nt authority\system’. Should WhoAmI be reporting ‘TrustedInstaller’? I’ve seen this behavior on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2016.

  7. Nossy Drelich says:

    Thank you very much for this.
    Is it possible to launch a trigger so Advancedrun always launches a program with TI privileges whenevr it is called? For example, if cmd is called then AR could automatically make it run with TI privileges

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