Tools update for the new encryption of Chrome / Chromium version 80

Starting from version 80 of Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers, the cookies and Web site passwords stored by the Web browser are encrypted in completely different way.
In previous versions,  the cookies and passwords were encrypted by using the DPAPI encryption system of Windows.
In the new version of Chrome/Chromium, cookies and passwords are encrypted using the AES256-GCM algorithm, and the AES encryption key is encrypted with the DPAPI encryption system, and the encrypted key is  stored inside the ‘Local State’ file.

This change caused all NirSoft tools related to passwords and cookies of Chromium-based web browsers to stop working properly, and update of these tools is needed in order to extract the cookies and passwords stored with the new encryption.

2 of these tools, ChromePass and ChromeCookiesView are already updated to decrypt the new encryption of Chrome. Other tools will also be updated in the near future.


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  1. Florin Cristi says:

    How to decrypt using python?

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