The new version of SoundVolumeView tool (2.00) allows you to easily create shortcut on your desktop that will execute one of the following actions: Mute,Unmute,Mute/Unmute Switch,Disable,Enable,Disable/Enable Switch, Set Default Device (Console, Multimedia, Communications), Increase Volume, Decrease Volume.
For example: You can create a shortcut to disable/enable your speaker or Microphone device,  set specific audio device as default,  mute / unmute the sound of your Web browser,  decrease / increase the sound volume of your media player, and so on.
In order to create the desktop shortcut, simply select the desired items in the main window of  SoundVolumeView , and then go to File -> Create Desktop Shortcut and choose the desired action to execute when the shortcut is activated. You can also use the ‘Create Desktop Shortcut’ submenu in the right-click context menu.

Create shortcut to mute,unmute,change sound volume

After creating a shortcut, you can right-click on it, click ‘Properties’ and then in the ‘Shortcut Key’ field you can select the desired key combination to activate the shortcut.

Shortcuts to mute,unmute,change sound volume

Mute and unmute shortcut key


  1. Nighty says:

    I don’t suppose you can toggle the “Loudness Equalization” Enhancement setting with this?

  2. Van says:

    I’m looking for a means to toggle the custom/AGC setting for a microphone. any ideas??

  3. Anutrix says:

    Is it possible to create a shortcut for all audio devices?

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