New DNS Sniffer utility

DNSQuerySniffer is a new network sniffer utility that shows the DNS queries sent on your system. For every DNS query, the following information is displayed: Host Name, Port Number, Query ID, Request Type (A, AAAA, NS, MX, and so on), Request Time, Response Time, Duration, Response Code, Number of records, and the content of the returned DNS records.
You can easily export the DNS queries information to csv/tab-delimited/xml/html file, or copy the DNS queries to the clipboard, and then paste them into Excel or other spreadsheet application.

DNSQuerySniffer works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000, and up to Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.



You can download this new utility from this Web page.


  1. Ken says:

    Please consider adding the ability to save or export the captured DNS queries and responses to file. Eg. to CSV, or some form of text deliminated format.

    Also notice that on some occasions the program thread will eat all the CPU it can get hold of. Looks like some sort of bug. Only noticed it happening in the 64bit version so far.

  2. Ken says:

    Sorry – just noticed the ‘save selected items’ 🙂

  3. Pat Snyder says:

    Love this app! Just wondering if there may be a ‘delete’ in the future? I need the variety and easy ways to find my previous sites and this program is terrific! I just want to eliminate the clutter of the sites I use all the time.

    Thanks, and so many good wishes to you and yours, Pat

  4. Disco says:

    Hi, The sniffer seems to be working but its only showing me the query’s from my computer rather than the whole network. What could I have done wrong?

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