Support for the IP country/city database of MaxMind

A few utilities of NirSoft, including CurrPorts, SmartSniff, NetworkTrafficView, and CountryTraceRoute (which has been released just a few weeks ago) now supports the free IP geolocation database of MaxMind, in addition to the support of IP to country database.

The database of MaxMind is larger than the database of, and for some of the IP addresses, city information is also provided.

In order to start using the MaxMind database with the NirSoft utilities specified above, simply go to this Web page, download the GeoLite City database in binary/gzip format (The filename is GeoLiteCity.dat.gz), and then put this file in the same folder where the .exe files of NirSoft utilities are located.
When you run a utility that supports this database, it automatically loads the database and uses it to display the country/city information for every IP address.

CurrPorts with the GeoLite City database

CurrPorts with the GeoLite City database


  1. Avi Hayun says:

    Hi Nir,

    Can you download it for us and bundle it with these four utils?

    I for example download the utils from your site upon demand and don’t hold them on my drive all of the time, so I don’t bother to download the external DB.

    If it was bundled (even if it will be slightly outdated) everyone will enjoy it.

    People are willing to download another several megs in order to have a more complete util.

    You can even offer another download of your util – one with the DB and one without.


  2. __philippe says:


    Bundling Maxmind’s GeoLiteCity DB with each of the relevant Nirsoft programs would bloat the size of those nice and slim utilities significantly (currently the GeoliteCity.dat.gz file is about 12Mb compressed).

    Besides, the GeoLiteCity DB is updated regularly by MaxMind (each first Tuesday of the month), so it’s better to download the DB yourself from time to time, to enjoy the most current copy.

    And finally, there is probably some legal reason preventing developers to bundle Maxmind DB with their product.



  3. DrTeeth says:

    The Nirsoft utilites are mean and lean with no bloat. Adding 12MB to the download of one of these would be a crime.

  4. Steph says:

    Didn’t quite know where to put this, so here I am 🙂
    I am holding you responsible for me taking the day off of work!
    I LOVE tiny, free, portable utils. I get high on finding one that I adore. I hit the mother load here. I don’t know where to begin or end. I can’t wait to finish the trillion pages I have open in Firefox, download, and play! :))
    I think you need a page just where peeps can post their thanks.

    thank you thank you thank you, so excited!

  5. Joey says:

    The MaxMind GeoLite database is now legacy and it has been replaced by new GeoLite2 database. However, GeoLite2 is not working correctly in Nirsoft utilities.

  6. Tony4219 says:

    I just d/l the ‘legacy’ MaxMind database 7/20/15. Inside, the “modified date” is 7/7/15. Seems pretty current to me.

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