VideoCacheView now supports the split video files of YouTube Web site.

Recently, many users complained that VideoCacheView cannot extract valid video files saved in the cache by YouTube Web site, because YouTube started to split their video files into multiple parts.  So finally, I managed to create a solution that solves this problem.
Starting from version of 2.20 of VideoCacheView, it automatically detects the .flv video files split by YouTube Web site, and displays every chunk of split files as a single record.
The new ‘Split Files Count’ column displays the number of split files that the displayed record represents.
When you use the ‘Copy Selected Files To…’ option, VideoCacheView automatically merges all split files into one .flv that can be played in .flv player. The files are merged in the order of the created date/time of every file.
When you choose to delete a record containing split video files, all split files are deleted at once.

You can download the latest version of VideoCacheView from this Web page.


  1. Slartibartfarst says:

    Many thanks.
    I have used VideoCacheView, on and off, for a long time, and I wondered why it was not working as well as it used to do.

  2. ThanksForThis says:

    Thanks for this. Is there any way to check that the files are actually part of the video before combining them? For example, the player always starts with a 360p video, and if you switch to 720p you get a 360p+720p “video” even if you start streaming the 720p one from its beginning.

  3. David says:

    Can you tell us how the program detects the .flv video files split by YouTube Web site??

  4. ifox1 says:

    Unfortunately, even the version 2.2 is unable to detect any video fragment from Youtube, saved by Opera (11.6x). The parts are in the folder Temp\cache4\sesn\ each of 1 781 747 bytes.
    VideoCacheView states “0 Video files”.

  5. John says:

    Thank you for this update, it is well appreciated.

  6. ifox1 says:

    Tried with Firefox 3.6.2 today and the Youtube videos are not detected either in this browser.

  7. ifox1 says:

    Version 2.22 stil does not detect any flash video from Youtube with Opera 11.62 or Firefox 3.6.2. Will this ever be fixed?

  8. Sock Monkey says:

    Thank you so much! I was at the end of my rope with Youtube’s stupid split cache and this fixed my problem!

  9. kerr says:

    v2.26 add support for ffx 13 and flash 11.3 which saves tmp files to %tmp%\acro_rd_dir

    thanks for the update!

  10. Olda says:

    I see the fragments of youtube video 1 781 760 bytes in size in cache, but VideoCacheView 2.32 doesn’t…

  11. Tc Mullet says:

    It’s not clear just what to do. I will have probably hundreds of tiny files now being created by a 2 hour video (a sports event). Do I select one file? Multiple files? All of them? Right now, there are 3 dozen pieces and I’m about 10 min. into it. The Split Files Count column doesn’t have any numbers in it. Do they pop in later? Are they in just one line or in all of them? If I slide the scroller during play, moving it backward to replay a bit, will that mess up the cache?

    Also am worried about when to do this. When saving other videos, I’d pause it near the end, let the download into the cache finish, save it via “Copy Selected Files To” with the one file selected before playing to the end. On this current video, I have reason to believe all the pieces will disappear from the cache right after it finishes playing and BEFORE I get a chance to do whatever I have to do to save it. Please advise.

  12. dave w says:

    Just downloaded v2.35 after finding my earlier version no longer worked on YouTube. Unfortunately neither does this one. It won’t find the cache file(s) either during play or even when the complete video has finished downloading. I’m using Pale Moon (which is based on Firefox), but it won’t work on FF 10.0.2 either. Have YouTube made further changes to their site? I tried on a DailyMotion clip and that seemed to be OK.

  13. Mark says:

    Yeah…same problem here with FF 14 and IE 9 using last version of VCV!! 🙁

  14. Hallelujah says:

    You are a Godsend, Mr/Ms. videocache viewer creator. I have been searching forever everywhere on the net on how to merge those pesky split x-flv files from youtube and play them. Your program works a treat.

  15. anon says:

    I have to say it’s not working with FF either for me. Still works with IE8 and Opera though

  16. chiken00 says:

    it does work with ie8. just so far i copy all of them to my folder and chose the right video to keep. cost sometime but worth.

  17. Rick says:

    Fantastic work but could you add support to Dailymoition? it can joins splits but playback duration is wrong with VLC, Avidemux can displays entire clip but crashes when I try to remux. Firefox doesn’t work for me either I suspect this is by design and not the fault of VideoCacheView. It would be nice if WebSiteSniffer could have split video merge support too I hate having to use IE all the time.

  18. Moreteavicar says:

    Awesome – now works with DailyMotion! Keep up the damn fine work!

  19. lilien says:

    Videocacheview does not load the whle of the video…….. what i mean to say is that when the video is buffered completely and i play the file in the cache with the help of this software it just plays half of it … what to do??? :/ 🙁

  20. Trevor says:

    Multi part .ts streams…. would it be possible to have your program be able to join these streams to a single file in your next update?

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