Create folders size report with summary mode of SearchMyFiles

Starting from version 2.00 of SearchMyFiles utility, there is a new search mode – ‘Summary Mode’. When you scan your files in summary mode, instead of displaying the list of all found files, SearchMyFiles displays summary information for every scanned folder. The summary information of every folder includes the total size of all files, total size on disk, total files count, and number of hidden/read-only/system/compressed files.

After the scan is finished, you can watch the folders summary in 2 modes:

  1. View the totals of the specified folder only (‘Include Subfolders in Summary Totals’ is turned off)
  2. View the totals of the specified folder and all its subfolders. (‘Include Subfolders in Summary Totals’ is turned on)

The result of this new summary mode is very similar to my old FoldersReport utility, which hasn’t been updated for a long time.

When you’re in summary mode, you can still use most of the other search options to create a folders size report according to your needs. For example, if you want to create a summary report only about the files created in the last 7 days (instead of all files report), simply choose¬† to search the files created in the last 7 days, like you do in standard search.

SearchMyFiles Summary Mode

SearchMyFiles Summary Mode

You can download the new version of SearchMyFiles from this Web page.


  1. netuser says:

    Thanks for this very fast and efficient search tool.

    One additional feature that I would love to see in it
    is the ability to search within a previous search’s results.

  2. Mic says:

    Excellent addition for SearchMyFiles would be ability to automatically remove dublicate (by content) files.

    Maybe in one button – find dublicates and remove all dublicates, except one file.

  3. Kim says:

    Great tool. I use some of your other utilities, but have not tried SearchMyFiles previously. I assumed that it was just another basic search tool. However, after downloading and trying it, I am amazed at how useful this actually is. Thank you Nirsoft.

  4. Ronn says:

    Excellent and well working utility!!!
    Lacks one feature more**!
    Especially for Multimedia Freaks, — who is not that to a certain level today… ?
    Today all mobile phones have cameras, so in order to make order in the disaster of Photos and Videos on your media server use the following tools:
    –> Use the utility “SearchMyFiles” and remove Duplicate files,
    –> Use the utility “Namexif” to create Photo file names that starts with YearMonthDayHourMinSec…_and-add-a-descriptive-text.jpg after that. This enables you and your media player to organize the media files in chronological order.
    –> Use the utility “JPEG Lossless Rotator” to rotate the Photo files so the media player shows it correctly.
    **The lacking feature: Related to automatically Remove Duplicate files
    Specify now the Basic Folders to search interpreted as the Principal Files
    New: Specify the Secondary Folders to search interpreted as the Secondary Files where SearchMyFiles Automatically can delete Duplicate files. After that you can join the content of Secondary Files to Primary Files and you have automatically the new clean file union in Primary Files without hazzle.
    Take Care and enjoy,
    Ronn @ ER-Soft, S.A.

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