BulletsPassView is a new utility that reveals the passwords stored behind the bullets on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000, and up to Windows 7/Vista/2008.

This utility is the successor of my old Asterisk Logger utility, which doesn’t work on Windows  7/Vista/2008 and has some other limitations.

BulletsPassView also has some other advantages over the old  Asterisk Logger tool:

  • BulletsPassView doesn’t reveal the password inside the password text-box itself. The password is only displayed in the main window of BulletsPassView, while the password text-box continues to display bullets.
  • BulletsPassView also reveals the passwords stored in the password text-box of Internet Explorer.
  • BulletsPassView supports command-line options to save the current opened password boxes into text/html/csv/xml file.
  • BulletsPassView is a unicode application, which insures that passwords with non-English characters will be extracted properly.

You can download the new BulletsPassView utility from here.



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