Extract Registry values from offline Registry file with RegFileExport

RegFileExport is a new command-line utility for advanced users that allows you to easily extract keys and values from offline Registry file located on external hard-drive and export them into a standard .reg file of Windows.  RegFileExport doesn’t load the file into a Registry hive like RegEdit,  instead, it directly reads the Registry file and analyzes it.

RegFileExport may also be able to extract keys and values from the Registry file even if the Registry file is corrupted and cannot be loaded by Windows.

For more information about RegFileExport utility, click here.




  1. Eugene says:

    Useful tool. By the way, I would like to know, do you not plan to add using external registry option to a similar utility “ServiWin”? In GUI, not command-line?

  2. oldjohn says:

    Not working on my french PC. Ping me for any remote and debbug.


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