Latest updates in NirSoft utilities

Here’s a list of utilities updates made in the last week:

  • IPNetInfo and WhosIP: Both of these utilities were fixed to work with the changes made in ARIN WHOIS server.
  • Mail PassView: Added ‘Secured’ column, which displays whether the mail server works in a secured connection, and ‘Server Port’ column, which displays the TCP port number on the server, if the server use non-standard port.
  • WhatInStartup,  MyEventViewer, SpecialFoldersView, and others – Fixed a problem with the xml encoding that appeared in all my Unicode executable files.
  • SniffPass: Added x64 build of SniffPass, which allows you to work with Microsoft Network Monitor Driver 3.x on 64-bit version of Windows.
  • OutlookAttachView:  Added support for embedded message attachments (attachments of another message). These attachments are saved as .msg files that can be opened by Outlook.
  • SmartSniff: Added ‘Automatically Scroll Down in Live Mode’ option, which allows you to automatically scroll down to the bottom of the TCP/IP streams list while capturing the network packets.
  • NK2Edit: Added ‘NK2 Control Center’ which allows companies to watch the status and the location of Outlook AutoComplete files (NK2) in all computers.

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