Creating current temperature map with MetarWeather and Google Earth

The latest release of MetarWeather utility allows you to watch the currentĀ  temperature around the world on the maps of Google Earth.

In order to use this feature:

  1. Download the latest METAR reports data file fromĀ  METAR Data Access Web site.
  2. Open the downloaded METAR file with MetarWeather (Ctrl+F) and wait until the METAR reports are loaded and displayed in the main window.
  3. Select all (Ctrl+A) the lines and choose the ‘Save As’ option (Ctrl+S)
  4. In the save dialog-box, choose ‘KML File – Temperature for Google Earth’ as a file type and save the .kml filename
  5. Finally, from Google Earth, open the created .KML file.

The result should look like the following map:

Google Earth Temperature Map

Google Earth Temperature Map

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