View the list of installed IFilter components of Windows search

When you search the content of files with Windows search, there are special plug-ins known as “IFilter” that allows Windows to search inside different file formats. For example: If you request to search for a string inside a Word document file (.doc extension),  the “Microsoft Office Filter” component (OffFilt.dll) is used for reading and parsing the Word document.

SearchFilterView is a new utility that allows you to easily view the list of IFilter components installed on your computer, as well as it allows you to add and remove the file extensions that are used for the specified IFilter.

SearchFilterView is available to download from here.




  1. mooP says:

    This will also be useful to Sharepoint Administrators. I know it will help me when dealing with indexing issues with a Sharepoint search site.

  2. AdmnChmp says:

    Thanks for the new util! =)

    On a different subject: I wonder why there isn’t a link to the NirLauncher website on the main NirSoft page. Coming in the future I hope, because the Launcher package is excellent!

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