New summary page for USB speed tests Web site,  a Web site containing speed tests results of USB flash drives submitted by users of USBDeview utility, accumulated a total of more than 5500 speed tests.

So it’s time to do something with this speed tests database and make it more useful: I created a new summary page, which contains the average, maximum,  and minimum values for both read speed and write speed. This page only display the information for common USB drives that accumulated at least 5 speed tests.

You can view the summary page of USB speed tests in this link.


  1. Nighted says:

    Trippy vibes Nir, trippy vibes.

    Should be some interesting results once USB 3 hits the mainstream with the rest of the e-creatures.

  2. inghamc says:

    This database has both the potential to be a fantastic resource and a dangerously misinforming one.

    It seems that additional information should be captured and reported, including:

    – Some approximation of the manufacture date (performance of the same model could change over time due to manufacturing process and/or supplier changes, etc.), either from a serial number and/or purchase date, etc.

    – More formal statistics (stddev, etc.) on collections of individual results to monitor consistency and flag inconclusive/suspicious results. You mention that you discard outliers, but in some cases outliers might reveal actual inconsistencies in product quality

    Since this data will certainly influence buying decisions, there needs to be some protection against data manipulation. Can your benchmark utility generate a signed binary result file that could be submitted? Do flash drives report some sort of unalterable id to identify their manufacturer, model, etc. that could be embedded in the result file?

    Without additional info and safeguards in place, there’s a high risk here of publishing even unintentional misleading results. In the end the best you can do is document your collection methods and disclaim absolute validity of the results, allowing readers make their best informed decision.

    I bring up these issues constructively and hope they don’t deter you from providing a really valuable source of information…

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