Major update for the file searching utility – SearchMyFiles

Many users of  SearchMyFiles utility complained that it’s hard to work with this utility, because after getting the search result, it doesn’t allow to do some basic operations on the search result, like deleting files, cut and paste, rename, and so on.
So the new version of SearchMyFiles now allow you to do these basic operations, similarly to the search result of Windows search. Be aware that the context menu of SearchMyFiles still doesn’t provide all options of Windows Explorer context menu, but I gradually improve it in future versions.

Here’s the list of all changes in the new version of SearchMyFiles utility:

  • Added ‘Reset To Default’ button that allows you to easily reset the ‘Search Options’ dialog-box.
  • Added ‘Open File On Double-Click’ option. When this option is checked, double-clicking a file will open it with the default program, like double-click in Explorer.
  • Added new actions that you can make on the selected files of the search result: Explorer Cut, Delete, Move To Recycle Bin, and Rename.
  • In the search option of file times, added ‘Today’ and ‘Since Last Reboot’.
  • Added most-recently-used (MRU) list in combo-boxes of the search dialog-box. SearchMyFiles automatically remembers the last 10 strings that you used for every field, and allows you to easily select them from the Combo-Box. If you don’t want that your last search strings will be saved in the .cfg file (from privacy reasons), you can select the “Don’t Save MRU Lists” option in the Options menu.
  • Fixed the ‘Subfolders Wildcard’ issue according to users request. Just for example: In previous version, if you tried to search in c:\ with abc*.* as subfolders wildcard, and you had a folder in c:\hello\bbbbb\abc123, SearchMyFiles utility didn’t search in this folder even when abc123 folder matched the folder name, and that’s because the folder below, bbbbb, wasn’t match the subfolders wildcard. Starting from this version, SearchMyFiles scan all subfolders, even if they don’t match the wildcard, but the actual file search is only made for subfolders that match the subfolders wildcard.

The new version of SearchMyFiles is available to download from here.

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