NirSoft Launcher is in development process

Many people ask me if there is any package with all NirSoft utilities and a launcher application to easily find and run the desired utility.
So now there is something in development:
NirLauncher (The name might be changed later) is a utility that will be packed with dozens of NirSoft utilities and will display them in the main window, separated by different categories, like ‘Password Recovery Tools’, ‘Network Tools’, ‘Web Browser Tools’, and so on.

It’ll allow you to easy run a utility, run the utility with command-line parameters, open the help file, browser into the Web page of the utility, and so on.
It’s also possible that NirLauncher will allow other developers to provide their utilities as additional package for NirLauncher.

I hope that the first Beta of NirSoft Launcher will be available to download in the incoming weeks.
For now, you can enjoy the first screenshots of NirLauncher:


  1. fungifruit says:

    One word and it is nsfw: 01100110 01100001 01110000.

  2. Nighted says:

    lol @ fungifruit

  3. Dempsey says:

    Looks good!

    I currently use to install them all!

    Will it also check for updates and keep the apps updated?

  4. The MAZZTer says:


    Fix the font on the buttons though, so it uses the system MS Shell Dlg 2 font. Maybe make the buttons a tab control instead, I think it would look better. Do it like Sysinternal's Autoruns does it.

    You do have a couple of command line tools so I would recommend adding a "Command Prompt" button to the bottom toolbar. You could make it automatically add the nirsoft tools path to the Command Prompt's local PATH environment variable to be extra useful.

    Also this is sort of a silly suggestion but it also might be useful… add search! 😉 Search box in the upper right corner (or in the lower right toolbar) that filters all the tools. Oh and an "All Tools" tab.

  5. Steve says:

    Make sure you build in support for x64 tools!
    If an x64 version of the tool exists, use it instead of the x86 version…

  6. olfoo says:

    NirSoft Laucher is a useful concept.
    Suggest the 'list' having the ability to show/list in the old fashion 'greenbar paper' style where horizontal lines alternate between white and a soft color shading.
    This will definately help in view/using the listed information.

  7. Bambo says:

    Nice but there is already such a tool, WSCC

    Pretty nice since with updates, sysinternals, command prompt, favorites.

    So many tools it is good you make own, may be they go zzzzz but check it out.

  8. netol says:

    Yes, a nirsoft suite/launcher sounds really good 😀

  9. John says:

    AWESOME 🙂 I was looking for something like this for a loooooonnng time
    all your tools are so awesome but it’s hard to quickly find the desired one

  10. says:

    Great – will really appreciate that tool.

  11. Michael says:


    Another related request:
    please consider naming the “readme.txt” file in each zip package something unique – like USBDeview.txt or USBDeviewREADME.txt so all utils can live in the same directory and keep their readme files.

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