MsnPass.Info Scam is extending…

Since my last post about the MsnPass.Info Scam, the owner of this scam extended the Web site, and now there are 3 new dedicated servers –,, and
These new servers are hosted in same hosting company –, although I already reported them about the scam. I seems that they don’t really care that their services are used for fraud activities.

The main server ( is used for randomly redirecting the user to one of the other 3 servers, probably to avoid server overload.
In the last few days, this Web site has extreme amount of traffic, as you can see from this Alexa report:

In fact, for some of these days, this Web site received more traffic than the entire NirSoft Web site, despite the fact that it contains only a single page in french. This amount of traffic for one-page Web site cannot be “natural”. The scam owner probably uses spam messages and other bad techniques in order to get this volume of traffic. displays a download counter inside the landing page, saying that more than 800,000 already downloaded it. I don’t believe that this download counter is really the truth.
It’s more likely that this number represents the number of page views.
Assuming that this number represents the number of page views, and even if only low percentage of the users actually payed and downloaded my software, it possible that the scam owner and (the payment company) already generated an income of more than 100,000 Euro from this scam.

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  1. Rarst says:

    Alexa stats are pile of crap. I looked through site source, it uses radarurl tracking code so here are some real numbers:

    Site got few thousand visitors at most and that 900k counter is completely bogus.

    Situation completely sucks and I really hope someone (hoster, payment processor or whatever) shuts it.

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