Utilities update for Windows 7 and x64 systems.

3 of my utilities that stopped working under Windows 7 – RegFromApp, ProcessActivityView, and SocketSniff, are now fixed and works properly with Windows 7.
These utilities failed to work with Windows 7 due to some changes made in Windows 7 kernel, and you can read more about these kernel changes, here.

In addition to the updates for Windows 7, I also added x64 downloads for RegFromApp, ProcessActivityView, and RunAsDate utilities.


  1. Appzalien says:

    I cannot get regfromapp to run on Vista x64 SP2. I can open it but as soon as I click on a games exe, I get the errror “setup.exe has stopped working” and the game start screen usually closes when I ok out of it. With some games I can install on an XP machine and save the reg file to use on the Vista 64 but not all of them. I’m sort of suprised there are not more people complaining, this is a great app you have.

  2. Diego says:

    Hi Nir, I saw you application RunAsDate and was wondering if you are aware of any similar application for Windows Mobile devices or if you know how to make your application portable for such OS.

    Thanks in advance.

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