Improved online help and chm file for NirCmd

NirCmd has 2 new improvements in the commands reference:

  1. The .chm file now contains a list of all commands in the contents, allows you to easily jump to the right NirCmd command.

  2. New online help of NirCmd is available in
    You can easily open the right command in this online help, simply by using help command of NirCmd, for example:
    NirCmd.exe help setvolume

    the above command will open your default Web browser in


  1. hexaae says:

    Nircmd 2.3.7:
    'nircmd monitor off' doesn't work as expected on my laptop: LCD display turns back on a second after!

    HP Pavilion dv5 1110el, GeForce 9600M GT 512MB, Forceware 175.86.

  2. hexaae says:

    Forgot to say I use Vista x86.

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