Utilities update in the last week

  • WebVideoCap: Fixed bug – WebVideoCap crashed on some mms/RTSP streams.
  • VideoCacheView: Added /copyalltemp and /copymms to command line, and fixed Windows 7/Vista bugs.
  • NirCmd: Added loop command, currtime and currdate variables.
  • Mail PassView: The accounts of Windows Live Mail are now also displayed if you changed the store folder location.
  • WhatInStartup: Added ‘Execute Command’ and ‘File Properties’ options.
  • SpecialFoldersView: Added ‘Folder Properties’ option, and ‘My Documents’ folder that I missed in the previous versions.
  • DLL Export Viewer: Added support for Drag & Drop and for ‘Open With’ menu/dialog-box of Windows.
  • WhoisThisDomain and WhoisCL: Updated the whois server of .ms domains.


  1. OuT says:

    Hi, many thanks for these great utilities!

    some time ago I asked you a feature for NirCmd, this time I kindly ask here ^^

    let’s say I create this shortcut:
    nircmd shortcut “%my_install_dir%\my_app.exe” “~$folder.programs$” “My App”

    the created shortcut will have its “Comment” field filled with “My App”, but I’d like this field to be left empty… would you please add an optional parameter to specify the
    “Comment” value?


  2. Coleridge says:

    Any chance for adding to NirCmd a one-shot time update, correcting the windows clock based on time.windows.com, time.nist.gov, etc. ?

    my most used nircmd is a command bar button set to take a screenshot, save it to tmp directory, and then open with irfanview (also a bat in there too).


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