Utilities update for this week

  • ChomeCahceView and OperaCacheview: Added new option in ‘Copy Selected Cache Files’: Update the modified time of the copied files according to modified time in the Web server.
  • NirCmd: Added speak command (As mentioned in the previous post)
  • PingInfoView: Added ‘Last Succeed On’ and ‘Last Failed On’ columns. Also, the % Failed value now shows the value in accuracy of 0.01% instead of interger values in previous versions.

One Comment

  1. Sebastian says:

    PingInfoView is very useful for me. I use it at home to check connection against the repeater, the router and (when connected through VPN) one of my company’s servers. That way I know if I have problems browsing, I can verify in the program which is the state of my network connections.
    Now I tell you what is lacking (so you can improve it):
    – Ability to enable/disable a host. For example, I am not always connected to VPN, and don’t want to remove the host from list to avoid unnecessary pings in the background, because I would like to restore it when connected again.
    – Different colors depending on the response speed. It allows for a quick view of the state. In some cases that information tells me that I need to restart my router
    – Tray icon could change colors too, allowing us to view the overall state without opening the program’s window

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