Latest utilities updates in NirSoft

  • OutlookAttachView: Fixed bug that caused OutlookAttachView to fail on scanning sub-folders under main Outlook folders.
    Also added ‘Folder Path’ column that displays the full path of the folder (For example: Personal Folders\Inbox\Bug Reports)
  • WhoisThisDomain and WhoisCL: Added/Updated the whois servers for .in, .ie, .me, .tel, and domains.
  • AlternateStreamView and ResourcesExtract: Added support for choosing SubFolders depth in scanning.
  • Volumouse: Fixed bug – Windows key settings were not saved when you exit from Volumouse.
  • WirelessKeyView: Fixed bug – In Vista, if WPA-PSK key contained 32 characters, the key was not displayed in Ascii form.
  • SearchMyFiles:
    • Fixed bug: Base folder combo-box limited the number of characters that you could type.
    • Added option to save/load all search option to .cfg file.
    • Added ‘Explorer Copy’ option – Allows you to copy the selected files and then paste them inside a folder of Windows Explorer.
    • Added ‘Open With’ option.
    • Added option to choose the subfolders depth to scan.

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  1. jschroedl says:

    Thanks for adding the folder path to the attachments listview!

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