Utilities Update for 02/02/2009

  • MyLastSearch: Added filter by Web browser (in Advanced Options)
  • InsideClipboard: Added support for saving and loading as Windows .clp file. You can use it from the user interface or from command-line.
  • IECacheView: Added support for cache filter. (Display only URLs which contain the specified filter strings)
  • BluetoothView: New Option: Execute a command when a new Bluetooth device is detected. (In ‘Advanced Options’)
  • NirCmd:
    • New actions for clipboard command – loadclp and saveclp (load/save in Windows .clp format)
    • New command: setprocessaffinity


  1. jel says:

    It looks like the link to the utilities is broken. I cannot download NIRCMD 2.25.

  2. Marco Kar.ma says:

    Hi Nir Sofer, happy to be read from you. I think nircmd is a MUST, and you are pretty a god. I use to program sometimes, but you made an unveliable job with this very-light stand-alone all-in-one executable.

    I’m not telling this because I need help, but since I’m here, I ask you one thing: maybe it doesn’t work in remote mode if remote pc is running XP Home? I am having some issues.

  3. Marco Kar.ma says:

    Hi. Maybe you write but don’t read comments?

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