NirSoft Easter Egg challenge: Find 10+ new tools hidden in NirSoft Web site

At this moment there are 10+ completely new tools hidden in NirSoft Web site. There is no any link to these new tools in NirSoft or in any other Web site.
In order to find these new tools, you need to have some programming knowledge, understanding of Web technology, and other skills.
If you don’t have the ability to find the new tools, you don’t have to worry. All new tools will be published officially in Nirsoft Web site on 01/04/2018 (and this is not a joke of April Fools’ Day, the new tools are real)

First Stage – Finding the first tool.

Here’s the instructions for finding the first new tool hidden in NirSoft Web site:

In the .exe file of the following tools there is an hidden message:
USBDeview, NetworkUsageView, FileTypesMan, LastActivityView, WifiHistoryView, ControlMyMonitor, CSVFileView, TimeZonesView, UninstallView, DevManView, TaskSchedulerView, SoundVolumeView

You can download a zip file with .exe files of all these tools from here.

In order to decrypt the message, you have to XOR all bytes of every .exe file with 0x7f (127) and then search for a short message in English.
It’s recommended to start the search from the end of the file and then move backwards, because the message is stored in the second half of the file.
Also, when there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the same tool, it’s recommended to use the 32-bit executable file.

In all tools except of one, the message is a short quote that somewhat represents my own personal worldview.
Only in one tool you’ll find the real thing you’re looking for – a link to a Web page that contains a new tool !
Be aware that the hidden message only contains the html page of the URL, but you can easily find the actual URL because like all NirSoft tools –  it’s located

Second Stage – Finding all other tools

Inside the Web page of the first tool, there is a clue that can lead you to the next tool.
In order to find it, you need some understanding of Web technology (I mean – you have to look inside the HTML of this Web page).
If you find the second tool, then like in the first tool, the Web page of the second tool contains a clue that can lead you to the next new tool. Like in the first tool, the other clues contain only the html page, so you have to add the html page string to

By looking for clues on every Web page of a new tool, you can eventually reach 10+ new NirSoft tools !

Be aware that the clues gradually become harder and more tricky and require different abilities (For example: Using NirSoft tools to decrypt encrypted information), so it’s possible that at some point you won’t be able to find the next tool. Also, in some of the clues there is an hint of  TV shows and movies (Just for fun…).

Share the links with others !

If you find the URL of one or more tools, you are welcomed to publish the links in any way you like  – Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blog, YouTube, and so on
(except of publishing the links in comments to this Blog post… )

Maybe you’ll be the first one in the world who write about the new tools before anyone else !


  1. 0C4L says:

    The audio application is a very nice one. Thanks!

  2. daxx0r says:

    Found 3 tools and now i’m stuck.
    Hope you’ll publish the solution after Apr 1st 😉

  3. TechKnow says:

    Thanks for years of great tools with regular updates and now this? It’s such a great challenge, whenever I have some time, you can expect me to join this easter egg challenge for sure.

  4. Administrator says:

    Is the tool AppCompatibilityView?

  5. Administrator says:

    Is 2rd tool AppAudioConfig?

  6. Anton says:

    I found compatibility_view and AudioConfig…
    Then “Me want cookie” ))

  7. Eder says:

    Someone find all tools. Clue: Reddit

  8. David says:

    Awesome, thanks! This was a fun hunt for me.

  9. Biswapriyo says:

    I find one answer:
    > the message is a short quote that somewhat represents my own personal worldview.

    The quote is: “Did you make mankind after we made you?” and the executable is controlmymonitor.exe

  10. 0C4L says:

    live_tcp_udp_watch (number 9) a very nice one too: as good as NetworkTrafficView, but you don’t need to choose the interface, it does not require admin rights.
    Eagerly aiting to see it integrated in NirLauncher 🙂

  11. Deppelic says:

    Great New Tools!

    Thanks for AppAudioConfig.

    The keyboard tool is helpful too.

    Thanks for realizing user requests.

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