New tool that allows you view and modify the settings of your monitor

ControlMyMonitor is a new tool that allows you view and modify the settings of your monitor (Also known as ‘VCP Features’), like brightness, contrast, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, and more… You can modify the monitor settings from the GUI and from command-line. You can also export all settings of your monitor into a configuration file and then later load the same configuration back into your monitor.


You can download this new tool from this Web page.


  1. OskarMaria says:


  2. Alpha says:

    Hi Nir
    Your freewares are splendid, R. Stallman would be proud, thank you for your work. What do you think about intel ordeal lately.

  3. ZEE says:

    Hi Nir…

    one more excelent utility (as always)

    One thing I miss is a forum where your software users can:
    1. Help each other / Discuss the tools
    3. …

    Please try to implement this…
    Some of use just dont know how to work without a community ( 😉 )

  4. Simon Jackson says:

    This is a great tool.
    Can you export the display configuration as users logon (say logon script)? and save changes to after each time the script is run? Example: IT save the screen settings as perfectly usable; staff member changes it and then complains, IT can then simply open the last saved config to get it back to the previous state.

    Additionally; have you seen this product?

    Wonder if you can utilise some of the logic here.

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for the awesome tool 🙂 Any chance you can add the screen resolution? 🙂

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