New utility that displays images stored in the cache of your Web browser

ImageCacheViewer is a new utility that scans the cache of your Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome), and lists the images displayed in the Web sites that you recently visited.
For every cached image file, the following information is displayed: URL of the image, Web browser that was used to visit the page, image type, date/time of the image, browsing time, and file size.
When selecting a cache item in the upper pane of ImageCacheViewer, the image is displayed in the lower pane, and you can copy the image to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+M.



You can download this new tool from this Web page.


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  1. Kazuky says:

    Great Job & Great Tool.

    Could be possible that we optionally can add columns like: “width”, “height”, and “dimension” (respective values => ‘1920’, ‘1080’, ‘1920×1080’)


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