Beta version of NirLauncher package is available to download

Notice:  The latest version of NirLauncher package is now available at

As I promised a few weeks ago, the Beta version of NirLauncher, with a package of more than 100 utilities of NirSoft, is available to download.

NirLauncher Screenshot

NirLauncher Screenshot

Before you go to the download link, it's important that you read the following guidelines:

  • For now, the download link of this utilities package is a little restrictive. I only allow to download it 5 times per day for each IP address. So please don't download this package with any 'download accelerator' software that open multiple connections. If you do so, the download might be failed and your IP address will be blocked from downloading this file for a few hours.
    Also, the download link won't work if you put it on  other Web sites.
    I'll try to gradually reduce these restrictions as long as it won't eat my server resources.
  • Antivirus False Positives - This package contains more than 100 utilities, and if you have any Antivirus on your computer, there is a very high chance that it'll falsely detect one or more of these utilities as Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware or anything else.
    It's also possible that your Antivirus will simply delete some of the utilities or prevent you from running them without displaying any alert.
    In any case, please don't flood my email address with messages like "You have virus in your utilities package"   or "After I extract your files, some of them are deleted" or "I double-click xyz utility and nothing happens".  All complaints about false virus alerts, utilities that cannot be executed, and disappearing files should be sent to the Antivirus companies that cause these troubles.
    You are also welcomed to read my Blog post from a few months ago: Antivirus companies cause a big headache to small developers.
  • You might find out that some of my utilities in this package are missing. For now, to avoid from including very old utilities, my scripts that build the NirLauncher package automatically take only utilities that have been updated in the last 1000 days.  Some of my very old utilities might still save the settings into the Registry, and I don't want to include them in NirLauncher package, because this package should be fully portable.
    Later, I'll gradually check my old utilities and some of them will be possibly upgraded to be included in future releases of NirLauncher package.
  • Currently, the software groups (categories) in NirLauncher are not the best choice, I simply took them with automatic scripts from my main utilities page. I hope that I'll create better software groups in future versions.
  • Start using NirLauncher:  In order to start using NirLauncher, simply create a new folder in your USB flash drive or in any other drive, and then extract all files of the package into the new folder.
    You should not extract the files into the root directory of your USB flash drive, because the package contains too much files.
    After you extracted the package, simply run the NirLauncher.exe executable.
  • After running NirLauncher, here's some tips for using it:
    • You can use F7 and F8 keys to move to the next and previous software group.
    • When you select a single item, the 'Description' and 'Web Page URL'  become a link that you can click. Clicking the 'Description' opens the help file,  and clicking the 'Web Page URL' opens the right utility Web page. If you are not pleased from this feature, you can disable it from Options->Advanced Options (set all click options to none)
    • If you want to view a longer description of each utility that you select, check the 'Show Description Text' under the options menu. However, be aware that these description texts were taken from the pad files of my utilities, and they are not always updated to the latest features of each utility.
    • If you want to run a utility with command-line parameters, change the current directory, and so on, the 'Advanced Run' is the right option that you need.
    • There is also a generic 'Advanced Run' window that affects all utilities that you execute with the standard 'run' option: Options -> Default Run Settings. For example, if you open the 'Default Run Settings' window and select the 'Run in full screen mode' option, all console application that you run will be opened in full screen.
    • If you use the x64 version of Windows, and you click on a utility that have a separated x64 version, NirLauncher automatically run the x64 executable of the utility. The x64 executable filenames  in the package are in UtilityName-x64.exe format.
  • Warning for Windows 7/Vista users: For now, do not run NirLauncher.exe with 'Run As Administrator' option.  It seems that using this option cause my 'Network Password Recovery' utility and a few others to crash lsass.exe process if you run them from NirLauncher that was executed with 'Run As Administrator' option. The reason for this problem is still unknown, and more research is required to fix it.
    If you want to force a specific utility to run with admin permissions, simply use the 'Run As Administrator' option (Ctrl+M) inside NirLauncher.

Here's a few optional tips for more advanced users. If you don't need them, you can skip to the download link in the bottom of the post.

  • The package contains a file named 'nirsoft.nlp' (NLP = NirLauncher Package) . This file contains the list of all software groups and utilities that are displayed in NirLauncher.  It's a very simple text file, like .ini file of Windows, that you can easily view and edit with any text editor. So, although the current version of  NirLauncher doesn't support editing, you can change the software groups and utilities list displayed in NirLauncher by editing this file.
  • When editing the .nlp file, it's recommended that any file that you specify will be in relative path. For example: if you want to add an executable file located in a subfolder named 'MyPackage' under the main launcher folder, you should specify it as 'MyPackage\myfile.exe' instead of 'i:\nirsoft\MyPackage\myfile.exe'.
  • The 'help' value in .nlp file specifies that help file (.hlp or .chm). However, if the help filename has the same name of the executable (like cports.exe and cports.chm), NirLauncher will detect it automatically.
  • The 'AppName'  value specifies the application name, while the 'ShortDesc' value specifies a short description.  If you don't specify these values, NirLauncher will take them from the version resource of the .exe file.
  • The 'LongDesc' value is the text that appeared in the yellow description box of 'Show Description Text' option.
  • NirLauncher also allows you to add additional software packages. Just for example, here's how to add Sysinternals Suite into NirLauncher:
    1. Go to Sysinternals Suite Web page, and download the latest zip file.
    2. Extract the zip package of Sysinternals into a new folder located in the same drive of NirLauncher.
    3. Download the sysinternals.nlp that I created for Sysinternals Suite, and save it into the same folder with all Sysinternals files.
    4. Drag this sysinternals.nlp into the main window of NirLauncher. You can also use the "Add Software Package" from the Launcher menu.
    5. If you did it right, you should now see the Sysinternals package in the main window of NirLauncher. You can switch between the packages by using F3 and F4 keys.
    6. You may notice that full description text and Web Page URL are empty. This is because they are not filled in the sysinternals.nlp that I created.
      However, the 'Open Web Page'  option (Ctrl+W) will still work properly for most of the SysInternals utilities even without the URL information, thanks to the "I'm feeling lucky" feature of Google. When there is no URL, I simply send the utility name to Google, and the first page in the search result is automatically opened.

Finally, here's the download link:

Download NirLauncher package with more than 100 utilities

Zip File Information:  (to verify that the downloaded file is Ok)
MD5: b18f2706b2737128a9f7fd01648f5e38
SHA1: 353bd70b747dc73f58daec120df25a23330d0545
Size: 6,685,806 bytes
Number of files in the Zip: 241

95 Responses to “Beta version of NirLauncher package is available to download”

  1. Bob Says:

    Thanks JCYM,

    I got disk2vhd resolvec. But I created a new.nlp file and added a couple portable .exe files. When launching them from Nirlauncher, it tries to open them in DOS. I checked the properties and it shows as Console. Do you know how I can change that so it runs as GUI instead?


  2. jcym Says:

    Bob, I haven't added anything but Sysinternals to the nirlaucnher as my other utes are in linked together in a separate launcher and I prefer to keep it that way.

    However, if you look in the folder containing Nirlauncher.exe you will see a file named Nirlauncher.cfg. If you open this in Notepad or another text editor you will see separate sections for each .nlp. E.g. in mine I have




    I would copy everything from [DefaultAdvancedRunOptionsUI] to the end of the Nirsoft section and paste it under


    where 'yournewpackage' is the name of the .nlp you used for your new package and see if it makes any difference. When I have time over the weekend I'll play around a bit and add a new made up package to the launcher to see if I get the same problem as you.

    At worst you will only waste a few minutes. Though do make a backup of the .cfg file to make it easy to revert in case of problems 🙂 BTW, do let us know if it works or not.

  3. hypa77 Says:

    [Re: Foolish Tech, Point 1.] I also would prefer a subdir for *each app*, because actually all readme.txt files are missing 🙁 Obviously in a flat dir structure (all apps in one dir) the readmes would have to be renamed to %appname%_readme.txt, which is alot of extra work, dl the individual readmes is extra work too, so please include them, possibly with apps in subdirs. I love readme.txt!

  4. hypa77 Says:

    [Re: Bob] Unfortunately nearly *all* sysinternals tools are *not* portable, because at first use you have to accept EULA, and then registry gets polluted. Some older versions (before M$'s takeover) dont have EULA negs 🙂 Besides the older console apps are significant smaller (no EULA garbage inside)!

  5. Bruce D. Meyer Says:

    This runs Sysinternal better than Sysinternals. The non gui stuff opens a command prompt that doesn't exit after running.

    This is fantastic.

  6. Acksys Says:

    Very cool set of utilities. Thank you.

  7. Bassim Says:

    Is there a way to automatically run certain utilities once NirLauncher starts? I have got all the command-line parameters setup for my favourite utilities, but sadly i have to run them one by one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Foolish Tech Says:

    hypa77 Says:
    [Re: Foolish Tech, Point 1.] I also would prefer a subdir for *each app*, because actually all readme.txt files are missing Obviously in a flat dir structure (all apps in one dir) the readmes would have to be renamed to %appname%_readme.txt, which is alot of extra work, dl the individual readmes is extra work too, so please include them, possibly with apps in subdirs. I love readme.txt!

    Hypa77, If you still want the readme.txt files renamed like that, I dug up this batch for you. I wrote it long ago to unzip and rename the readme.txt to exactly that, %appname%_readme.txt -- actually I used the name of the zip file, but they were always the same as the exe name. It was part of a larger batch that did a bunch of other stuff, but I just ripped out the important code you'll need, and I wrote instructions in the top comments for you, so it should work just fine.

    Here is the batch:

  9. Foolish Tech Says:

    hypa77 Says:
    [Re: Bob] Unfortunately nearly *all* sysinternals tools are *not* portable, because at first use you have to accept EULA, and then registry gets polluted. Some older versions (before M$'s takeover) dont have EULA negs Besides the older console apps are significant smaller (no EULA garbage inside)!

    Hypa77, I think most of the newer version sysinternals utilities have a /accepteula or similar switch you can pass to the app on the command line.

    Alternately, and easily, you can fire up all the utils, accept the eula. Then, fire up regedit, goto the HKCU\Sysinternals key, and export that as a .reg file. Just run that regfile on any computer you later want to use the utilities on, and bam no eula prompt. This is also useful if you want to define custom app settings and views inside the programs and always have the settings the way you like them when you take the apps with you on a new system.

    When you're done with using the utilities on that system, simply delete that registry key, which you can do by importing another 2 line .reg file, like:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    (the minus sign between the [ and HKEY will delete the key instead of add it.)

    But I really don't think it should be an issue to leave a few reg settings on a machine. It's really isn't hurting anything; I used to think like you, and preferred portability to be TRUE portability, but as someone who occasionally writes some custom apps, I often swing back and forth sometimes using the old .INI method and other times leaving settings in the registry, for a LOT of various reaons I won't bother to discuss here.

  10. peter Says:

    I wonder if NirLauncher is able to make to a self bootable disc? That will be very useful.

  11. cfe Says:

    Auto update is really a missing feature...

  12. Toys4Boys Says:

    Ugh, yikes!!! Now all I have to do is learn what to do w/ some of the utilities. Looks awesome, thanks so much!

  13. John Says:

    Really Valuable Software Pack!

    Some of those little apps are a gem to have.

    Thank You Very Much!

  14. Hank Says:

    Great set of utilities. I put everything into a NirSoft directory and changed/added to your nirsoft.nlp file. I also added a autorun.inf to the CD root to load your application when the CD is loaded.
    Thanks for all your work on this application


    open=Nirsoft\NirLauncher.exe /n,/e,.

    The inf file ends with a comma and a period

  15. Werner Barthelmeus Says:

    Great!! I just wonder what´s the difference to the WSCC (Windows System Control Center from WSCC is covering exactly the same (NirSoft+Sysinternals) and has a search function. I have been using WSCC for quite some time, so now I´m going to compare with this one. Hopefully, Your program will include an automatic updater once it´s out of beta. Anyway, Your utilities are just great + priceless (-:)).

  16. Abhishek Says:

    NirSoft has a great set of utilities. Combined in a single package, its awesome! Thanks.

  17. Merlin Says:

    Love it, thanks!

    Just fr my peace of mind though, these files do not pose any threat t my computer? Because AVG completely flipped onze I unzipped . . .

  18. Eddie Says:

    Great set! Avira's false positive drove me mad too. I contacted them via email. And they asked me to upload the package for their analysis. They promise to fix this issue in the next vdf update when they get confirmed.

  19. Kingsmob77 Says:

    I have fallen in love with NirLauncher. With all the fancy-pants launchers, docks and the like, it is refreshing to see a great launcher that features functionality, and organization over eye candy. The thing I like the most is that is a glance you have your apps categorized into function, this is helpful for big packages (like NirSoft), reminding the user what each app is for. It's also helpful in finding the right app for every situation. The description column helps even more by adding a second layer of specificity.

    As has been stated, it would be advantageous to have a GUI based tool to create new packages. The syntax for making new packages by hand is easy enough but can be pretty tedious for larger group off apps.

    As an example of new packages, I created a package for DonationCoder ( applications. It is too specific to my machine to share. I was a little to lazy to make my paths relative but it does show what can be done. I put up some screen shots in a comment to the DC blog post announcing NirLauncher. (

    Keep up the good work and thanks for this great addition to the NirSoft catalog!


  20. DaniFP Says:

    ¿Can anybody upload the package to a mirror or share it by bittorrent? That way we all can have access to it and at the same time help to lessen the bandwith stress on the main site.

  21. mike donathan Says:

    this program gave me a virus i caught it but it gave me one

  22. Alfred H. Rodemann Says:

    Why do I get message "navigation to website cancelled"

  23. Alan Baxter Says:

    Thank you for packaging these utilities like this. It's a very useful complement to Sysinternals.

  24. AJ Says:

    Console Apps do not seem to support spaces in the app path. I believe wrapping the command line passed to cmd.exe in double quotes would do the trick.
    Thanks for the great app!

  25. cspot Says:

    thanks for this package, and for all this lightweight and usable tools.

    for me the true value of the launcher is to get all tools at once (so far I saw no complete download collection and picking them up individually is alot of work).

    an extra value (i.e. feature request) would be to keep my nirsoft tools up to date (check the version of each tool, if there is an update, download according zip file and extract it to update the collection. adding new tools should also be part of this procedure.)

    optionally the laucher could be initially "empty", downloading tools on demand. (the update would check only selected tools, possilby notify about new tools avaliable)

    hope you like this additional ideas 😉


  26. Yigal Says:

    Why am I getting a lot of security alerts from Symantec?
    too many to ignore.

  27. Linux And Friends Says:

    100 utilities in a mere 6.4 MB! That is really awesome. Thanks for this nice compilation.

    One question though, will all the utilities work in Windows Vista ?

  28. cxjiek Says:


  29. Surfer Says:

    I didn't see a response to Howard's question "How does this handle utilties that have both a 32bit version and a 64bit version ?" I'm very interested in that as I run Win 7 x64. Thanks

  30. Surfer Says:

    Actually, it looks like it must be running the 64bit versions by default (on 64-bit systems) as manually running a 32bit version pops up an error message 🙂

  31. rover3500 Says:

    I've been using ur software for a long time.There are some great apps there.Well done that man!Three cheers...

  32. rover3500 Says:

    Yigal do u not read anything b4 u download.Because of the nature of a lot of these apps,u will get false positives from any anti virus.Unless these apps have been added as exceptions,all av's will tell u there is something 'hacky' about them.

  33. ch Says:

    i Like your web,and you are good,good.

  34. Jeff Says:

    It's not possible to download this file when NOD32 Version 4 is enabled in Windows XP SP2 with all updates. Even if I temporarily disable real-time protection, the download is still monitored by the software, which prevents writing to disk. This activity is visible as high CPU activity by the EKRN.exe process (identified as ESET Service) after the IE download monitor shows 99% completion. The download never completes, and IE displayes an error message: "Internet Explorer cannot download The connection with the server was reset."

  35. Chris Says:

    Great piece of work, many thanks for tal the hard effort into bringing us this. Also, Yigal, you will get false positives from your antivirus software with this type of utility, but don't worry, its not infected with any viruses, honest!

  36. alexsussorbas Says:

    Hello Nir,

    Great work! Congratulations!

    In order to have "german-speaking" tools, just unzip in the same directory as nirsoft_package_beta_101

    Download link:

    Note: Thanks to the german translator «Latino» auf


  37. aaron Says:

    it says it has a virus in it.

  38. Jim M Says:


    You really do rock, dude!! I originally downloaded this when I first read about it in a post at but never got around to installing it until today. Absolutely perfect!

    Thank you again, sir, for your hard work and then for making it easier for us to use.

    Jim M

  39. PAUL Says:

    Very Good Software

  40. rover3500 Says:

    Anyone that is moaning about their av saying it has a virus shouldn't be using these progs,as they obviously don't have a clue what they god!

  41. Guest Says:

    hypa77 Says:
    October 9th, 2009 at 9:49 pm
    "I also would prefer a subdir for *each app*, because actually all readme.txt files are missing"

    You don't need readme.txt because it contain exactly the same text as .chm's, i have checked it. Although my first reaction on missing readmes was same as your. 😉

  42. David Lynch Says:

    FoldersReport missing?

  43. eujenio de la garcia Says:

    Thanks, Nir.
    I have been using your utilities or some time and they have helped me on a lot of occasions. Massive thanks for releasing this utility aggregator.
    I have found a workaround for the false positives by adapting your utilities for use in the Windows Preinstalation Environment / BartPE / WinRE.
    Again, thanks a lot for your hard work.

  44. Joshua Says:

    avira drove me nuts with this suite but i just turn it off and use nirlauncher then when i am done i turn it back on avira is real easy to turn on and off

  45. Nat Says:

    It would be great if you could easily add portable apps AND with a feature so that they are automatically updated to their new version.

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