New tool that compares snapshots of Windows Registry

RegistryChangesView is a new tool for Windows that allows you to take a snapshot of Windows Registry and later compare it with another Registry snapshots, with the current Registry or with Registry files stored in a shadow copy created by Windows. When comparing 2 Registry snapshots, you can see the exact changes made in the Registry between the 2 snapshots, and optionally export the Registry changes into a standard .reg file of RegEdit.


You can download RegistryChangesView from this Web page.


  1. Fraser M says:

    Leave it to Nirsoft to release an amazing tool that has been wished for by IT professionals for years. Can’t wait to put this to use! Nice work as always Nirsoft.

  2. Brian K. says:

    Will this work for Windows Server 2008 and up? I’d like to automate some comparisons, so I can alert on changes.

  3. ZEE says:

    as always… excelence tools… TXH

  4. Deniz says:

    really great tool. but/and I would have a ton of ideas to improve it even more.

  5. Matthew says:

    Wow, what a great tool. Thanks a bunch Nirsoft.

  6. David Lakritz says:

    It doesn’t work. Just get a blank screen.

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