New release of VideoCacheView to solve random hang problems.

From time to time I receive complaints from people who say that my VideoCacheView utility freezes (hangs) completely without even the ability the kill the process. Yesterday I finally found out what is exactly wrong, after this problem also occurred in my own system.

When a Java applet (and possibly some other components) is loaded into a Web page, it may create one or more pipe handles. These pipe handles caused VideoCacheView to hang while scanning the file handles to find the opened temporary .flv files.¬† So if one or more Web pages with¬† Java applets were opened when VideoCacheView scanned the .flv files, it switched into a ‘Freeze’ status until these Java Web pages were closed.

The new release of VideoCacheView (1.77) should solve this freeze problem. So if you experienced this problem in the past, you can try to download the new version and check if it solves the problem.

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  1. Stanescu says:

    thank you for coding this! i needed somethimg to get the actual flv but i could only find programs that re-compress the videos to other formats (with terrible loss of quality)

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