Utilities updates in the last week

  • ShellExView:
    • On x64 systems, ShellExView now always shows the shell extensions for x64 applications, even on the 32-bit version of ShellExView. If you want to get the shell extensions list for 32-bit applications, use ShellExView with /wow64 command-line option.
    • Added /remote command-line option, which allows you to view/enable/disable shell extensions in a remote computer on your network.
  • MozillaCacheView and ChromeCacheView:
    • Fixed a bug that caused these programs to fail with copy of files from the cache when the filename contained invalid file characters (?, :, *, |, and others).
  • WirelessKeyView:
    • Added ‘Use code injection method’ option in the Advanced Options window, as a workaround for using this utility on Windows 7.
  • USBDeview:
    • Fixed bug: USBDeview displayed wrong drive letters when the serial number or ParentId Prefix contained only one character.
    • Added a separated version for x64 systems, in order to allow you to disable/enable items on x64 systems.
  • MyUninstaller:
    • Added support for x64 installations.
  • OpenedFilesView:
    • /filefilter command-line option now allows you to specify a filename without a path. For example, if you run OpenedFilesView with ‘/filefilter index.dat’, all opened index.dat filenames will be displayed.
  • HashMyFiles:
    • Added ‘Delete Selected Files’ option, which allows you to easily delete duplicated files.
  • FileTypesMan:
    • Fixed issue: When UserChoice is selected, FileTypesMan now displays the right file type properties loaded from the UserChoice application key.
    • Fixed issue: When UserChoice is selected, the ‘Open File Type In RegEdit’ option now opens the right UserChoice application key.

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  1. magdalo says:

    are all the updated utilities included in the nirsoft package beta 101?

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