WirelessNetView now provides ‘Very High’ update rate

WirelessNetView, a utility that show all wireless networks currently detected by your wireless adapter, now provide a 'Very High' update rate.

This feature can be useful if you move with your laptop from one location to another (by foot or with a vehicle) and you want to locate any wireless network in your path.  It can also be useful if you have a wireless adapter plugged to a USB cable and you want to put it in a location with the best signal quality.

WirelessNetView now also allows you to save the current detected networks list into text/html/xml/csv file, by using the right command-line options, and without displaying any user interface.

The new version of WirelessNetView is available here.

3 Responses to “WirelessNetView now provides ‘Very High’ update rate”

  1. An-old-nirsoft-user Says:

    Just one suggestion:
    Add the update date to the utilities list titles , not just "update"

  2. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Excellent site, keep up the good work

  3. Alex Says:

    After install the WirelessNetview v1.25 in win 2000 system, select restart the window wireless services, error message occur "Error 1062 in services restart: Services cannot start" , what it mean?

    And how can solve it?

    Thanks very much.

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