MsnPass.Info Scam Report

One of my software users reported me about a scam Web site in french that sells my MessenPass utility in another faked name.
This Web site displays a faked screenshot of MessenPass utility. In this screenshot, the name of the utility is MsnPass.Info and my Web site address in the status bar was removed.
This Web site offers the users to “purchase” this utility for 2.00 EUR, which looks like a good and attractive price for a password-recovery utility , but without specifying that it’s a freeware tool that was taken from NirSoft.

This Web site uses the services of to get the payments from users. I already send them a message about this scam, but I don’t know if they are going to do something about that.

The Web site address is


  1. Arkanosis says:

    You could also try to contact his registrar to close the site or Allopass to close the account.
    Or signal the site for phishing to Mozilla and Microsoft.

    Just ideas…

  2. Eric says:

    The domain has been registered by, that doesn' show the registrant informations in whois. But the website is hosted by OVH, you can contact them to close the website.

  3. Menthix says:

    Unfortunately a lot of freeware applications suffer from these scams. I have tried to stop similar sites in the past, without result.

    It seems to be an organized scam where the same person owns hundreds of domains offering dozens of freeware applications for a payment. They'll advertise on Adsense too to drive people away from the official site and trick them into paying (an possibly install malware).

  4. Mariana says:

    i don't know how to use the messenpass to recover passwords!!! can you help me?? i've installed the program but i can't even find my own password!!! thanks

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