Extracting multiple attachments from Outlook with OutlookAttachView

If you use Microsoft Outlook regularly, you probably have many attached files scattered in your mailbox. Some of these attachments were sent by you to other people, some of them were sent by others to your inbox.

But what should you do you if you want to easily extract all these attached files and save them into one folder ?
My new OutlookAttachView utility can help you do that. It displays the list of attached files in your Outlook’s mailbox, and allows you to easily select all attachments that you need, and then extract them into a folder that you choose.

For more information about OutlookAttachView, click here.


  1. jschroedl says:


    Future feature request: Right-click or tool button to open the containing message in Outlook (to be sure I don’t really need it any more before I delete it).

    Thanks again.

  2. Jason says:


    I also have many e-mails and because of that, many attached files.
    But when I am looking for an attached file, I simply use my search tool lookeen (www.lookeen.com).

    I donยดt get it. Why do you spend time extracting your attachments?


  3. cyke64 says:

    Hello Nirsoft ,

    I love all your utilities softwares ๐Ÿ™‚
    This new tool will be perfect for me if it allows me to PRINT a choice of selected attached files !
    Perhaps it will be available in a new version ?

    Best regards

  4. NJTrout says:

    Do you log any information in the e-mail the attachment was removed from? That would be a great feature to create an audit trail of what is removed, when and of course a link in the e-mail to the attachment.

  5. ็‰›้ญ”็Ž‹ says:

    Great tool I’m looking for!

    A question: I have many emails were saved to disk with *.msg format. How can I use this tool to extract the attachments from these messages?

    Many thanks!

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