Utilities updates for this week

RegDllView, InstalledCodec, IECacheView: Added ‘Explorer Copy’ option – Allows you to copy the selected files and then paste them into a folder in Explorer.

FileTypesMan: Added support for creating and deleting file extensions.

WirelessKeyView: New and safer method to extract the wireless keys of the local machine: In previous versions, WirelessKeyView injected code into lsass.exe in order to grab the wireless keys from the system. In rare cases, this technique caused a crash inside lsass.exe process. Starting from this version, WirelessKeyView uses a new method that extract the wireless keys without any code injection.

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  1. EverAndAnon says:

    You create a lot of useful, and specific, utilities. I was wondering today why you (nor anyone for that matter) haven’t created a simple base64 encoder for the desktop: right-click a file or bunch of selected files, select ‘Send to (whatever-name)’ and the output (ready for cut-and-paste into CSS) is just listed in a flat file (filename on one line followed by base64 text). I know of a lot of people who would love to have something like this.

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