statistics: Almost 30% of visitors use Firefox Web browser.

Since I started to collect general statistics about Web browser usage of, 4 years ago, there was a gradual increase in usage of Firefox, while the usage of Internet Explorer gradually decreased.
According to statistics of the last month (December 2008), 29.2% of visitors use Firefox as thier Web browser, while 55.8% of visitors use Internet Explorer.

For more statistics, click here.


  1. =chris= says:

    I am not too amazed at the growing numbers of people using Firefox, in fact I tend to use Portable Firefox myself, but I am pretty concerned how many people still use Internet Explorer.

    It is currently one of the most insecure browsers that is being used at this time.

    With the choice of good secure browsers and the list includes Firefox, Opera, Flock and Seamonkey, there is little excuse to use Microsoft’s default web browser.

  2. jaf says:

    ‘…there is little excuse to use Microsoft’s default web browser.”

    should read

    “…there is little excuse to use Microsoft’s faulty default web browser.”

    Yup, M$’s IE is a great security black hole. Haven’t used it in years.

    Happy 2009!

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