New utilities

As promised a week ago, here’s the 5 new utilities added to NirSoft Web site:

IPInfoOffline, DNSDataView, SkypeLogView, WirelessNetConsole, and UserProfilesView.
These utilities will also be added very soon to the utilities section and to the ‘NirSoft Panel’ page.


  1. Keydet89 says:

    Great job with the utilities, not only what’s currently available, but what’s coming out. I can tell now that these are going to be extremely beneficial to a large number of examiners…

  2. Zupo Llask says:

    Congratulations for your great work! You are a terrific example for many coders out there who only produce bloated useless software.

    Can I suggest you something “new”? Please integrate in “IE PassView” the ability to retrieve passwords (specially AutoComplete passwords) from broken profiles, like you did with “Network Password Recovery”.

    Thanks for the “iepv_sites.txt” feature you introduced in v1.10! 😉

  3. Adrian says:

    Great work.

    I love your utilities particularly my uninstall which has saved many pcs.


  4. Anish says:

    Thank You for your great efforts in finding new and great softwares. It is a great help for software reviewers like me.

    Great free software utilities

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